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I am an attorney licensed in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and my office is conveniently located in Methuen, Massachusetts, less than ten minutes from the New Hampshire border. As a result of my dual licensure and my proximity to New Hampshire, I welcome legal matters in both states


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Family Law


I handle divorce, modifications, and child custody and child support matters. When your family is struggling with the stress and hardship of divorce or other family issues, I will help you find the resolution you need. We will work hard to reach an amicable agreement whenever possible. If an agreement which is fair to you and to your children cannot be reached, I will vigorously advocate for you, and strive to preserve your rights. I also help families who are experiencing difficulty with a family member who is unable to take care of him or herself. It might be a grandparent who is no longer able to live alone, or a child with special needs who will require care for his lifetime. You may have a family member who is unable to care for her children, and the children need a responsible adult looking out for them. For minors, disabled people, or for the elderly, appointment by the court of a guardian or conservator is a way for the guardian or conservator to make legal decisions for the person who is unable to make decisions for himself. Whatever the specific problem, I will be happy to assist you with all of your guardianship and conservatorship matters.

Estate Planning


I will work with you to complete your Will, Trust, Health Care Proxy, Advance Directive/Living Will, HIPAA Release, Power of Attorney, Caregiver Authorization Affidavit for Minor Children, Guardianship of Minor Children, and Homestead Declaration. We will discuss the ins and outs of probate avoidance, planning for Medicaid, disability planning, tax planning, and end of life care planning. Without an estate plan, your loved ones will not know your wishes should you become unable to make decisions for yourself, or should you pass away. Don't put your loved ones through that stress and pain; complete your estate plan as soon as possible.



I will help you to navigate the legal process involved with probating the estate of a loved one who has passed away. Losing a loved one is hard enough. The probate process can be made easier with an experienced, compassionate attorney to handle it for you.


Real Estate

Real Estate, Landlord/Tenant: I will help you complete and file your Homestead Declaration, evict your tenant, review your residential lease agreement, and assist you in reviewing or completing residential real estate transactions, including reverse mortgages.

Medicaid/Mass Health and SSDI​


Medicaid/Mass Health and Social Security Disability Income applications: I am happy to help you with the application process. There are particular requirements to be met, and an experienced attorney can greatly improve the chances for success.

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